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Bericht und Impressionen eines erfolgreichen Messeauftritts

Lotus Outing 2016

On Saturday, 14 May 2016 we took off for our yearly Lotus outing. We were happy to count around 35 Lotus cars. Participants arrived from other parts of Germany as well as from Austria and Italy. Together we enjoyed the lovely Bavarian landscape and culture.

First of all, we welcomed our guests with a traditional "Weißwurstfrühstück" (morning snack consisting of white sausages with sweet mustard and Brezen). We were happy to see that our Italian friends liked the white sausages as well. The first part of the tour was a nice drive from Anzing to Landshut where we visited the castle Trausnitz. Particularly interesting parts of the

visit were the cellar of "Alte Dürnitz", the castle's chapel, the Narrentreppe (fools' staircase) and the wonderful view of the town from above.
Leaving Landshut we took off for Niederbayern. The route led through the beautiful Bavarian landscape. All the participants loved the scenery, especially our guests of the Lotus clubs from Austria and Italy.

Back in Landshut the award ceremony was held again in the ceremonial atmosphere within the castle. We want to thank all the participants for this wonderful day! Of course we would love to welcome you all again next year!

Lotus Outing 2016 - Gallery