Restoring your classic car

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Restoring classic cars

Schuttenbach Automobiles has exclusive classic cars and antique cars of quality brands on offer. Find the car you always wanted - with manual or automatic gear box, central locking or climate control. Of course, we also have original spare parts for your exclusive car. We are specialised not only in Lotus, Jaguar and Land Rover, but also in Mercedes Benz or other renowned car brands.

Do you already have an antique or classic car that needs restoration? Our well-trained staff carries out professional restoration and service works. For restoration works we use original spare parts as we can. Whether nice cabriolet or elegant coupé - you won't recognize your classic car!

Services around your classic car in detail

  • Repairs of car bodys and chassis
  • Repairs of chassis and brakes
  • Protective undercoating and body cavity sealing
  • Repairs of the car's electrics
  • Professional rework of your classic car
  • Repairs of the interior
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Repairs of engine and gear box
  • Repairs of the protective undercoating
  • Expansion of the car history
  • Classic car certificates and certificates of the actual cash value
  • Possibilities to park and store your car
  • General vehicle inspection

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Antique or classic cars as an investment

Do you want to use a historic car as a store of value? The car market for antique cars and classic cars is booming. And that is especially valid for classic cars whose store of value has increased during the last years. For classic and antique car enthusiasts it's the historic charm that plays the most important role - of course! Schuttenbach Automobiles in Anzing near Munich has exclusive cars of different high-quality brands - which you will all love!

We are convinced that we do have the right car for you, too! No matter if you are looking for a Mercedes Benz Coupé with a manual gear box - or a nice cabriolet with an automatic gear box. And if we do not have it in stock - we can make sure to find it for you. Whether you want to invest in classic cars for the future - or you want take a nice drive with your cabriolet and feel the spirit of former times: We will give individual and expert advice if you are looking for the right car to buy.

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