Restoring your antique car

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Restoring antique cars

Do you want to have your antique car restored or need an appointment for the yearly service? Schuttenbach Automobile GmbH & Co. KG is specialised in the restoration of antique cars and classic cars. In cooperation with our partner company C. F. Mirbach GmbH & Co. KG in Anzing near Munich - an expert for antique cars and classic cars - we have great know-how in vintage cars. We do meet any customers' expectations.

Whether it's about upholstery work, full restoration, service or body construction - we have the expert you can rely on. Our specialised garage is the ideal place to have your classic car or antique car restored. Of course, our highly experienced team will do any restoration work in compliance with the brands suggestions and with original spare parts. We will get your antique car or classic car ready to go in its original and previous splendor.

Services around your antique car in detail

  • Repairs of car body and chassis
  • Body construction and sheet metal working
  • Repairs of chassis and brakes
  • Protective undercoating and body cavity sealing
  • Repairs of the car's electrics
  • Professional rework of your classic car
  • Repairs of the interior
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Repairs of engine and gear box
  • Repairs of the protective undercoating
  • Expansion of the car history
  • Antique car certificates and certificates of the actual cash value
  • Possibilities to park and store your car
  • General vehicle inspection

Restoration of antique cars near Munich

Our specialised garage will use only original parts - if available. If booking a full restoration of a historic car, upholstery work and sheet metal working is included in our offer. Our team knows how to do professional sheet metal working - which comes handy especially if there are no original spare parts available on the market. Our upholstery work is done with an utmost of precision and by hand, so that you can expect perfect results.

Your antique car or classic car will be a true eye-catcher: from the outside as well as from the inside. For the interior of your car we will only use high-quality material in order to keep up the value of your car. Our specialised garage is equipped with high-quality instruments and machines, so we can assure we work efficiently and in compliance with your car's brand. We restore your car faithfully. Schuttenbach Automobiles - your expert car dealer for the restoration of your antique car.

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