Placing your car in storage

at Schuttenbach Cars

Store your car in safe place

You want to know your car is safe, but you don't know where and how? You are looking for a shelter against cold and frost, against waste water and ultraviolet rays? For your antique car or your classic car? Come to Mirbach and Schuttenbach Automobile. Our premises in Anzing near Munich offer any type of storing, no matter if for short or longer periods of time. You can be sure that your car will be parked in a safe place. You'd like to go for a nice drive through the Alps? You want to take mountain roads and


hairpin bends? You are looking for mountain lakes, you want to see Italy, Switzerland or Austria? Take your car to Mirbach! And just come to pick it up whenever you wish - be it a Friday, a Saturday, or a Sunday? While we pick you up at the airport, your perfectly prepared car will already be waiting for you to start your trip. You come back on a Sunday or Monday? Just bring your car! We'll take care of it and keep it safe until you come back. Have a safe trip back - see you next time.

Schuttenbach: A safe place for your car during winter - or for longer periods of time

  • The perfect place to stay
  • Dry spaces
  • Minimal risk of rust
  • Minimal risk of flat tires
  • Best care for car body and top
  • Advantageous rates for quality wintering

Taxi service when placing your car in storage

Take advantage of our taxi service. We store your antique car or summer car in perfect conditions - and we are going to take it back to your place at the desired time. Our experienced staff will assure a professional transport and reliable storage of your car. Interested? Ask for our winter storage for your summer car - no strings attached.

We will assure that your antique car will be safe from cold weather, from waste water, from snow or salt. While taking a winter break in our premises, your car could just as well be taken care of by one of our experts, so it'll be ready to go for the next season?